Letter to the Editor

Malesela Musana, a Masakhane resident, writes:

We, the community of Ward 9 in Bela-Bela, are part of a democracy. We want to be engaged in matters that affect our lives, such as choosing the councillor for our ward.

If unscrupulous politicians register their favourites as candidates despite the will of the people, the people must refuse to vote for these candidates.

Our votes have value, and the value of the votes that we offer to a political party must be equal to the value that we receive from the party in exchange — the party must do its part, and we will do ours.

We would also invited politicians to take a closer look at history, and remember that it repeats itself.

Rulers from King John of England to the National Party in South Africa did not believe that they could be deposed, even if they went against the will of the people.

They all were, because they did not understand the fundamental nature of democracy.

Today, the very politicians who claim to be the guardians of democracy refuse to believe that people can choose their own leaders.

We are responsible and diligent, and we refuse to vote in bogus candidates.

Stealing branches and putting forward unsuitable candidates are actions that will lead any party to its downfall.

We cannot, as the voters, allow cannibals and vampires to control our government.