Diesel N Dust players at training. Photo: TK Mashaba

Permutations for Waterberg SAB League


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Permutations were becoming the order of the day as Modimolle Troublemakers FC and Bela-Bela Diesel ‘n Dust FC run neck-and-neck for the title.

Diesel ‘n Dust FC was this week the pacesetters at 36 points from 16 played fixtures, while the Modimolle giants held 33 points from 14 games played, meaning the latter have two games in hand.

With Diesel ‘n Dust FC remaining with two matches, should they win both, then the team should be at 40 points at the end of the season.

However, in the event that Troublemakers FC win all their remaining four games, the Modimolle lads shall be at 45 points, a whopping five points ahead of Diesel ‘n Dust FC.

However, in football, especially at this late stage of the marathon, anything is possible.

And that is exactly what Diesel ‘n Dust FC owner, Pat Seema, believes should inspire the players.  Irony of ironies was that at the beginning of the season Seema had put up the For Sale signs at Bela-Bela Diesel ‘n Dust FC.

He said in a recent interview he wished the boys well, and hoped that the team qualified for the promotional play-offs.

Another team in with a fightintg chance was Mookgophong Junior Stars who were at 31 points from 16 games played.

14 days ago       12 April 2018