The Kamplits Volleyball Club’s ladies. Photo supplied

Volleyball tournament for Zimbabwe afterall


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The on-off regional volleyball tournament would be held in Zimbabwe following political tensions in recent weeks.

The BEAT reported last weekend that the tournament was to be rescheduled for either Namibia or Botswana, as a direct result of political tensions in Zimbabwe.

However, on Tuesday, 28 November, Bela-Bela Kamplits Volleyball Club assistant coach, Levy Thantsha, said the regional tournament would remain in the Harare capital.

The tournament, which was scheduled to feature both the male and female teams of Bela-Bela Kamplits Volleyball Club, would start on Wednesday, 6 December, until Sunday, 17 December.

In recent days Kamplits Volleyball Club head coach, Thabo Molokomme, said there were concerns within the SADC regional federation the situation in Zimbabwe would affect the smooth-running of the tournament.

However, this week it appeared the regional body was satisfied by the stabilizing political situation in Zimbabwe.

5 months ago       30 November 2017