Some of the tournaments’ partcicpants. Photo supplied 

Corporate sponsorship for schools


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Forever Reasorts at Bela-Bela was geared to plough back into the community by spopnsoring inter-school soccer and netball on an annual basis.

The resort was the main sponsor of a once-off inter-school tournament played over the early November weekend, played at Spa Park Primary School grounds.

The difference this time around was that Forever Resorts marketing manager, Sam Rammutla, has unveiled plans to sponsor the games year in and year out.

He said the sponsorship was to be in partnership with Old Mutual.

The sponsorship for both soccer and netball would be in the form of soccer and netball kits, medals and roving trophies.

“We were really humbled by the passion showed by educators from various schools during the games in early November,” Rammutla explained.

6 months ago       23 November 2017