Cornelius Sepeng. Photo supplied

Elderly rugby thrower wins gold in KwaZulu-Natal


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Bela-Bela resident Cornelius Sepeng has put the town on the map after obtaining a gold medal at the Golden Games held in the KwaZulu-Natal capital of Durban from Sunday, 22 October to Saturday, 28 October.

According to David Mpedi, chairperson of the Golden Star Old Age Club, Sepeng participated in the rugby throw segment of the games.

According to Mpedi, rugby throw is a sport played by mostly senior citizens, who would be required to throw the egg-shaped rugby ball into plastic circles.

“When the balls are thrown into the circles, the player will pace back a few metres, and throw the balls into the three hoops again. They will then move back even further and throw the balls into the hoops for a third time,” Mpedi explained.

Sepeng managed to throw perfect bulls’ eye shots during the games and won himself a gold medal.

He explained Sepeng had to win a series of regional preliminary games, before qualifying to participate at national level.

A victory celebration for Sepeng is planned to take place on Wednesday, 6 December, at the Forever Resorts. The club is asking for donations for this endeavour and Mpedi can be contacted on 083 999 6587.

7 months ago       16 November 2017