The annual SuperSpar marathon is set to stean ahead. Photo: Andries van der Heyde

Marathon steaming ahead


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Plans were at an advanced stage ahead of the annual Bela-Bela SuperSpar Marathon scheduled for Saturday, 9 November.

Organisers have calmed the nerves of potential participants by assuring them the race would go ahead, even against the backdrop of the fire at the store in recent weeks.

“Carel Coetzee of the local SuperSpar values the heritage of the 4-in-1 race and remains the sponsor of the 2017 marathon, ensuring another excellent and funfilled event,” said the Bela-Bela Marathon Club chairperson, Neels Venter in a statement.

He called on previous and potential participants to register for the marathon in their numbers, to show gratitude at the continued support from Bela-Bela SuperSpar, and the latter’s unwavering support over the years.

The broader event comprised of, among others, a mass run and walk, over 5km and 10km.

Venter said that 21.1km and 42.2km race events were also available to potential participants.

Entries are essential and can be done online at or Essential Marketing or Hout is Goud at the Bosveld Mall. Pre-entries close on Monday, 6 October but athletes can also enter on race day.

Those interested in running the marathon can call 079 555 6934.

For accommodation enquiries contact 076 989 6488.

8 months ago       12 October 2017