Scores of residents flooded to the scene to witness what happened. Photo: Supplied

Child’s drowning shocks community


Lizzy Bapela   l   Views: 136

The drowning of a child in Bela-Bela last Saturday 24 March has left the community in collective shock.

The incident happened between Extension 5 and Extension 9, whereby the child slipped and drowned in a pool of rain water. 

According to information received, a number of children were playing in the area, going in and out of the flooded ditch, when one of them got stuck and drowned. 

Bela-Bela SAPS Detectives Commander, Lieutenant-Colonel Abel Phetla, said the tragedy was reported to the police mid-afternoon.

“Concerned community members who stumbled into the incident quickly notified the police, who then alerted EMS personnel. On arrival, the paramedics certified the child dead and he was taken to a government mortuary,” he said.

“The child was a 12-year-old boy, staying with his family in Extension 9. No information about where he attended school was given. The police also could not determine the depth of the said ditch as it was still flooded,” Phetla said. 

He extended his condolences to the family.

29 days ago       28 March 2018