Traffic officers and members of the SAPS forensic division work on the allegedly hijacked vehicle. Photo: Lizzy Bapela

High-speed chase


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A true-life drama unfolded in Bela-Bela with locals shocked and awed by a daylight high-speed car chase, through the town and then into the local township.

According to traffic officer Simon Mokhonoana, it all started south of the Waterfront on Thursday 8 March, when he and colleague, Solly Ngobeni, stopped a motorist.

After checking the disc and plate numbers, the traffic officers suspected foul play.

The driver was ordered to get out of the car, for purposes of questioning him.

“As we were about to take him to our own vehicle, the motorist hurriedly ordered two of his passengers to leave the car, and subsequently u-turned and sped off back towards the Waterfront,” he explained.

Mokhonoana and Ngobeni gave chase, with the motorist speeding into downtown Bela-Bela.

The fugitive then turned right towards Modimolle, but screeched into the township across the railway line, with the traffic officers in pursuit.

In the township passersby dashed into nearby yards for cover, as the speeding fugitive once again burnt rubber, screeching into Moraka Street (Line Four).

Mokhonoana said when the fugitive apparently realised he could not drive faster than the traffic cops, he abandoned his car near Khabele Primary School, and fled on foot towards Moloto Street.When  another traffic officer who arrived with police re-enforcements, Eliot Mosiamedi, gave chase on foot, the fugitive spun around, pointing a firearm, forcing him to retreat and take cover.

No shots were fired.

The fugitive continued to run towards Moloto Street, where he disappeared into shrubs.

The fugitive was on Tuesday 13 March still at large.

On further inspection of the getaway vehicle, it was found that the car was reported hijacked in the Westenberg suburb of Polokwane.

The two female passengers in the alleged hijacker’s car were hitch-hikers who did not know the driver. 

Lieutenant-Colonel Abel Phetla of the Bela-Bela SAPS said investigations continued. 


42 days ago       15 March 2018