A man at work on the gigantic rock cutter. Photo: TK Mashaba

Menyatso dynasty eyes the youth


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Bela-Bela funeral services guru George Menyatso is a man with big ideas and a heart full of philanthropy. 

Speaking in an interview on his farm situated between Bela-Bela and Radium, Menyatso took The BEAT on a tour of his granite factory which employs upwards of 30 workers.

Overall the Menyatso group of companies, which includes a number of funeral parlours, employs just over 60 workers.

At the farm the workers transform raw granite rocks into table tops, kitchen tops and tombstones.

He said one of the main objectives of setting up the factory three years ago, was to find a way to empower unemployed youths to consider selling the polished granite products for a healthy profit.

He said by manufacturing the granite products from raw rock, it would be produced cheaper, and then some of the profits passed on to small business operators.

The Menyatso business dynasty has also diversified into other ventures such as the sale of chemicals and cleaning materials, through the Selahle Chemicals and Cleaning Materials, which has also opened up job opportunities for several Bela-Bela locals.

42 days ago       15 March 2018