BBTF leader Johan Mills wrote to President Cyril Ramaphosa. Photo: Supplied

BBTF drums up people’s power


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President Cyril Ramaphosa has been formally asked to intervene in alleged maladministration at Bela-Bela, a move with the potential to trigger similar requests from towns beyond the Waterberg.

Community-based pressure group, the Bela-Bela Taxpayers Forum (BBTF), placed full page advertisements in both The BEAT and sister newspaper, Die Pos/The Post.

The adverts run under the theme “A bankrupt Bela-Bela? (Is this our future?)”.

BBTF chairman, Johan Mills, stated in the advertisements that the pressure group has dispatched a letter to Ramaphosa, “taking him up on his promise to ensure a clean and honest administration.”

Addressing the President as a local game farmer, Mills said the BBTF further asked Ramaphosa to help “his” town in the struggle for economic survival against “a reckless, lawless, spendthrift municipal management.”

In the advert, the BBTF lists a host of damning allegations, among these, that the council and officialdom did not know what happened to a quarter of the 2016/2017 budget.

BBTF also made reference to the disputed KPMG report – “hidden from the public for 10 months” – which eyed certain alleged irregularities in tender processes.

In conclusion, the BBTF sent out the clarion call to communities across the political spectrum to make their voices heard at mass meetings.

Bela-Bela municipal spokesperson, David Raborolo, said the authorities were not aware of the correspondence dispatched to Ramaphosa by the BBTF.

2 months ago       08 March 2018