Shacks were this week mushrooming on the new land. Photo: TK Mashaba

Fears of growing squatting at Bela-Bela


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Bela-Bela ward councillor Freddy Hlungwane has assured the homeless relocated from Dunuza, to a piece of land at the local Extension 8, no outsiders would be allowed to move in.

Several of the homeless were advised to relocate to the piece of land at Extension 8.

The piece of land was officially earmarked for the building of a school.

According to Hlungwane, the homeless would then be provided with housing as soon as an envisaged 500 RDP units had been completed back at Dunuza.

The RDPs were to be built back at the squatter’s original home at Dunuza.

Hlungwane spoke to The BEAT against the backdrop of general concerns that as soon the homeless put up structurtes on a piece of land. 

Many others take advantage and flood that particular area.

This had the potential to trigger disputes over housing waiting lists.

Hlungwane said a task team had been constituted to monitor the orderly movement of the homeless from Dunuza into the vicinity of the temporarily allocated piece of land.

3 months ago       01 March 2018