Captain George Lebese. Photo: supplied 

Unruly kids discussed at safety meeting


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The Department of Education at Bela-Bela has expressed concern over the amount of undisciplined children in different schools.

This emerged during a rather poorly-attended rural safety meeting on Thursday, 8 February at the Bela-Bela police station.

“This is a serious matter that needs to be brought under the attention of all community forums. It is a shame that there are so few representatives in the house. Previous attendees have probably not taken note of our date shifts as yet,” said Captain George Lebese who chaired the meeting.  

A representative of the Department of Education stated that there is an increase in drug and alcohol related issues in schools.

“It is of great concern that is only the start of the year and we have seen a worrying amount of cases where children are using drugs and drinking in school. What is of most concern is that the children are all at either primary or secondary school level.  Most schools in the township have this problem,” she said.

She added that students have also become increasingly violent. 

Lebese also said that he is aware of instances related to violence among the youth.

“Just yesterday the police station was approached with a case of violence where it was reported that three boys were involved in an alleged assault and this is becoming more common,” he said. 

Lebese added that more attendance is expected of the next rural meeting which is expected to take place on every second Thursday of each month.

4 months ago       22 February 2018