The Spa Park/Mountain View BRA task team members. Photo supplied

BRA enters Spa Park political space


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The Bela-Bela Residents Assocciation (BRA) has entered the highly-contested Spa Park/Mountain View - and by extension Masakhane - political space.

A special summit was held in the Spa Park Community Hall on Saturday, 17 February, with the objective to launch a task team to prepare the groundwork for a formal BRA branch.

A high-profile delagation of the civic group’s leadership launched a task team in Spa Park/Mountain View, ahead of the formal launch of a branch going forward.

Conspicuous in their presence were BRA leader, Piet Mabusela, and the organisation’s PR councillor, Joseph Makhubela.

Local civil society activist, Ida Aschendorf has been elected BRA task team chairperson, with Sam Aschendorf her deputy.

Another civil society activist, Eva Dibetso, was elected secretary.

Local residents, Bobby Miles and Neil Miles, were respectively elected task team treasurer and organiser.

Mabusela said residents at Spa Park/Mountain View have over a period of time been crying out for BRA’s presence in the area, alleging those elected into council had failed them.

The Spa Park/Mountain View/Masakhane constituency was won by the DA in the last local government elections.

Mabusela was confident of what he described as a positive turnout for the meeting last Saturday.

Makhubela said the objective of the task team was to familiarise locals with the workings of BRA as a political formation, and that a proper ward committe was to be set up in due course.

BRA came into being after leading members of the ANC broke way ahead of the local government elections.

The Spa Park/Mountain View neighbourhood has been a political hot potato, with residents embarking into violent service delivery protests.

The EFF at Bela-Bela also entered the contested space by leading a land occupation campaign at nearby Alma Road.

4 months ago       22 February 2018