Ranokeng Ndhlovu points out to the gutted house. Photo: Mzamane Ringane 

House consumed by mystery fire


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Modimolle resident Ranokeng Ndhlovu was relaxing at his Extension 7 home on Saturday, 10 February when he was informed that his brother’s house in the nearby extension 8 was on fire.

He rushed to the scene and found the community trying to douse out the fire, with members of the fire fighting department also arriving to provide professional assistance. 

The fire proved to be more powerful as it continued to cause extensive damage, besides collective attempts to stop it.  

Ndhlovu told The BEAT that prior to this incident, a group of children allegedly threw stones at the house in question, damaging its windows in the process.

“I managed to identify them through self-conducted investigations. I then went to speak to their families and we came to an agreement that they will repair the damaged windows. When I was at home later that day, I received more devastating news. That is when I was told about the fire,” he said.  

He said the first thing that raced through his mind at the time, was the whereabouts of the tenant who lived in the house. 

Ndhlovu said it could have been worse if he was inside at the time of the incident. 

“There was no one in the house when all this occurred. You could imagine what could have happened if there was anyone inside. We are still in the dark as to what caused the fire, but we are hoping all will be revealed by the police investigations,” Ndhlovu said. 

4 months ago       15 February 2018