Sello Moswoeu with his supporters. Photo: Justin Steyn

Moswoeu misses court


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Bela-Bela Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) coordinator, Sello Moswoeu, was not present at his expected latest court appearance on Friday, 26 January. 

However, a medical doctor’s note was delivered to the courts informing the presiding magistrate that Moswoeu had gone for a medical check-up.

On Monday, 29 Janaury, Moswoeu told The BEAT he had been in and out of hospital.

He said, however, he was feeling fine.

He faces charges of trespassing that were pressed against him on Tuesday, 28 November 2017.

The charges were related to alleged land invasions in Spa Park and Koppewaai.

Moswoeu was once again expected to appear before the Bela-Bela Magistrate’s Court on Friday, 9 February.

2 months ago       01 February 2018