Editor-at-large at City Press Mondli Makhanya.

Crème de la crème on new National Press Council


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The who’s who of South African journalism and legal profession were recently unveiled as incoming members of both the National Press Council and the Panel of Adjudicators.

The BEAT Editor, Johnny Masilela, was on the final shortlist, but could not make the cut as a member of the council.

Former Deputy Judge President of the KwaZulu-Natal High Court, Judge Phillip Levinsohn, was named the new council chair.

Masilela told The BEAT he was actually overwhelmed with nostalgia in that his former editor at the now defunct Rand Daily Mail, Raymond Louw, was on the new council, too.

“Not only Raymond Louw, but some of my contemporaries from the mainstream media are on the eminent persons council,” he said.

Masilela was referring here to his former colleague at Independent Media, Mondli Makhanya, now editor-at-large for City Press.

Masilela was a political reporter at Pretoria News, while Makhanya held the same portfolio at The Star, at the time of the dawn of Democracy in 1994.

Another of the eminent persons on the list known personally to Masilela, was Judge President Bernard Ngoepe, “one of the finest counsels working in the historic Supreme Court in Pretoria.”

Judge Ngoepe was named chairperson of appeals for the incoming Panel of Adjudicators.

The National Press Council, the Press Ombudsman and the Panel of Adjudicators are an independent co-regulatory mechanism set up to provide impartial, expeditious and cost-effective adjudication to settle disputes between the media and members of the public.

4 months ago       18 January 2018