There is renewed hope for slight improvement in job prospects for school-leavers depending on political decisions going forward. In the picture are participants during a work-based education programme at Sondela Nature Reserve and Spa Photo: Supplied


Slight hope for job-hunting school-leavers in tourism


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Property experts in the Waterberg were cautiously optimistic for a possible uptick across the regional marketplace, with the potential for improved prospects on the jobs front.

However, school-leavers emerging from the improved matric results need to consider acquiring a cross-section of skills to take advantage of the promising prospects, such as health and wellness training.

A snap survey by The BEAT found that leaders in the property market were anticipating slightly better days ahead, depending on what kind of political and economic cards would be played by Cyril Ramaphosa, and the broader incoming ANC leadership.

Experts in the marketplace were asked whether investments in the property market had increased, fluctuated or declined.

Bela-Bela Aida Real Estate head, Annelie Botha, observed that Ramaphosa had triggered a sense of “investement trust” in the regional and broader national economy.

She anticipated a positive outlook for property values nationwide.

Botha warned, however, that it was too soon to determine whether or not there would be a “definite” increase in property investment going forward.

Economists across the spectrum have observed that many potential local and foreign investors were awaiting the announcement of the new ANC leadership, to consider both the Waterberg and the broader South Africa as an investment destination.

Loua Boshoff of RE/MAX at Bela-Bela and Modimolle predicted “little change” in the property market for the forthcoming year, despite the leadership change in the ANC. 

He cautioned that the expropriation of land without compensation rhetoric, emerging from the mid-December ANC elective conference, triggered added uncertainty for potential investors.

Boshoff said property investments in farms had barely changed since the announcement of Ramaphosa as ANC president.

“The issue of landgrabs leaves for much to be discussed for investors looking at agricultural properties. Despite the victory for Ramaphosa, there is still much that needs to be discussed in the ANC. Will they consider executing landgrabs along with the EFF? This is a major factor that can have a major impact on a stable market,” he said.

However, Boshoff said that a slight increase in residential property may occur in the coming year as soon as the embattled President Jacob Zuma was removed, or voluntarily resigned.

South Africans across the country saw a strengthening in the local economy since the announcement of Ramaphosa’s ascension to president of the ANC.

The rand continued to rally into 2018, with fuel prices dropping to the relief of road users all-round.

5 months ago       11 January 2018