Farmlands granny Katrina Motshabane (58). Photo: Supplied

Granny kills mamba


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Farmlands granny Katrina Motshabane (58) was going about her chores in her employer’s farmhouse when she heard a flock of birds tweeting hysterically.

The Sussenvale domestic worker knotted her eyebrow and within seconds she knew what the commotion could be about.

She grabbed a pellet gun and within seconds she was surveying the mango tree on which the birds were noisily fluttering around the branches a coiled black mamba, it was.

Motshabane, who has worked for 20 years on the farm between Modimolle and Bela-Bela, took aim with the pellet gun, discharging bursts of pellets at the huge snake, until the highly venomous reptile took one or two pellets to the head.

The black mamba wriggled for a while before falling down with a thud, dead.

Asked how a 58-year-old granny would be so confident of her mastery of a pellet gun, Motshabane’s employer Elsie Silvestri, said it was not for the first time the domestic helper had an encounter with dangerous snakes.

“Just about three weeks ago she killed a Mozambican spitting cobra with the same pellet gun,” Silvestri explained.

Snake catcher Cor Viljoen of Bela-Bela, said the black mamba measured about three metres.

He said despite its supposed reputation of being aggressive, the black mamba would only attack when provoked.

“The mamba could have been hiding in the tree for various reasons, such as seeking shade from the heat or avoiding humans,” he said.

Viljoen said when encountering a snake, it is best to rather seek the help of an expert, than to take matters into your own hands. 

He advised that a distance of at least five metres should be kept when encountering a potentially venomous snake such as a mamba or spitting cobra.

“Many people are unfamiliar with what to do when encountering a snake. Remember snakes will attack when provoked and some will spit at you, potentially causing blindness. It is best to move away from any snake that you are unsure of and seek help from a professional to avoid injury,” he said.

5 months ago       30 November 2017