Taxi operators in a confrontation at the Waterfront. Photo: Lizzy Bapela

Taximen clash over Bela-Bela route


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The on-off stand-off between taxi operators from Bela-Bela on the one hand, and those from villages west of the Radium raised its head, once again.

Things came to a head on Monday, 27 November, when members of the Warmbaths Taxi Association (WATA) stopped taxis arriving in the vicinity of the Waterfront from proceeding into the central business district.

The taxis from Ngobi, Cyverskuil and Voyentin were ordered to use the area of the blockade as a feeder link, off-loading passengers and refunding them with an amount of R10 each.

The R10 was then collected by taxi operators from WATA, as payment for transporting the commuters further into town.

WATA official, Israel Molusi, said the locals were somewhat giving the village taxi operators a taste of their own medicine, in that WATA taxis were subjected to the same feeder arrangement just before reaching Cyferskuil, Voyentin and Ngobi.

Ngobi/ Cyferskuil/Voyentin Taxi Association members at the scene preferred to refer all queries to the asssociation’s leadership, who were not immediately available for comment.

A police contigent arrived to intervene, led by Warrant Officer Sello Mangana.

5 months ago       30 November 2017