Construction work of new housing units was at full steam in Extension 9. 
Photo: TK Mashaba

Mkhukhu toilets as homeless move into RDPs


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The homeless have started taking occupation of incomplete RDP houses at Bela-Bela’s Extention 9, with the potential to trigger health hazards such as the mushrooming of pit toilets.

Less than a week after Mayor Jeremiah Ngobeni had symbolically handed over two of the housing units to two of the homeless, wheelbarrows and other modes of carrier transportantion have arrived on site.

Acting mayoral spokesperson, David Raborolo, said the official position was that the rightful owners of the RDP houses were given keys in order to ocassionally keep an eye over the incomplete structures.

An investigation by The BEAT established that several of the homeless – “rightful” or otherwise – were descending on the area to take occupation, against the backdrop of lack of sanitation, water and electricity.

While many of the brick buildings looked complete, it was clear that basic services such as water and electricity were not as yet available.

A couple of corrugated-iron toilets, rising up in some of the yards, were testimony to a growing health hazard, if not a free-for-all of some sort.

“Yes, some of the rightful owners were given keys to the houses, so as to keep an eye on what rightfully belonged to them,” Raborolo said.

He said the latter process was aimed at preventing the illegal occupation of the houses by those not on the list of the particular 200 housing units.

Last Tuesday, 14 October, Mayor Ngobeni symbolically handed over two of the RDP housing units to wheelchair-bound Abel Ngoma (74), and granny Raisibe Mbazo (55).

The Bela-Bela Local Municipality has placed on record that the project at Extention 9 consisted of 700 units, with 500 yet to be built.

6 months ago       23 November 2017