Members of the community came in their numbers for the mass meeting. Photo: TK Mashaba

Bela-Bela First seeks answers


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Communities in the township at Bela-Bela continue to vent their frustration at the alleged dominance of outsiders over business and work opportuntinties.

Scores of locals, as led by the fledgling Bela-Bela First collective, converged at the recreational park in Leseding, to engage companies which won certain tenders to work in the township.

Bela-Bela First committee member, Pontsho Mashaba, told the gathering whenever there was a tender in the township, this was won by the same companies, often from outside of Bela-Bela.

Other allegations levelled by the gathered members of the community, included their objection to the use of the ward system as a tool to employ people at job opportunities, flowing from the latter tenders.

The community members said the system was allegedly designed to sneak in hand-picked individuals into jobs, thus disadvantaging those who needed to benefit from these opportunities.

“This thing is (allegedly) promoted by some members of the council and must stop henceforth,” he said.

Businesman Mike Sambo told members of the community he had no problem engaging the broader community on these issues.

6 months ago       23 November 2017