Traditional health practitioners perform rituals ahead of the summit.

Photo: Lizzy Bapela

Sibongile Nkomo elected local chair for traditional health practitioners forum


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Community leader and traditional healer, Sibongile Nkomo, has been elected chairperson of the traditional health (THP) forum at Bela-Bela.

The Leseding granny received the highest number of votes during the elections held behind close doors.

The elections were conducted on the sidelines of the local traditional health practitioners forum launch on Thursday, 9 November.

Bela-Bela Mayor, Jeremiah Ngobeni, welcomed the guests, and also unpacked the purpose of the event.

He said the main objective of the was for forum members to brainstorm about matters of common concern, and also to elect a new committee.

THP Limpopo provincial secretary, Thomas Maluleka, cautioned the traditional practitioners to work together to isolate tendencies whereby they poached patients, and also trainee sangomas, from one another.

He also urged members to get directly involved in the proper legislative controls of initiation schools.

The continuing national discourse over the registration of traditional practitioners also came up for discussion.

Maluleka urged parents to ascertain that a traditional health practitioner was properly registered, before enlisting youngsters for the initiation season.

In her acceptance speech, Nkomo nudged traditional health practitioners to work closely with local government authorities.

5 months ago       16 November 2017