The Mookgophong landfill site. Photo: supplied

Mookgophong landfil site in court


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Certain municipalities within Limpopo have fallen short of Afri-Forum’s compliance scorecard as far as their landfill site audit results are concerned.

The organization this month audited all landfill sites in the province as part of their annual landfill audit campaign. 

The civil rights organisation however found that certain municipalities would have to make urgent changes in order to adhere to legislation in this regard.   

Afri-Forum’s District Coordinator for Limpopo, Jaco Grobbelaar, said in a statement that all landfill sites in the province which scored less than 80% would have to be brought up to standard, and that municipalities should take responsibility for waste management. 

“Landfill sites that are poorly managed have a very negative impact on the environment as well as the community. It is also the community’s responsibility to apply increasing pressure to municipalities in cases where landfill sites are not up to scratch,” he said.  

With regards to the Modimolle-Mookgophong Local Municipality, judgement has been reserved by the North Gauteng High Court.

Afri-Forum has since approached the courts to rule that the authorities clean up the Mookgophong landfill site.

The Mookgophong landfill site scored an average of 19% on Afri-Forum’s ecompliance scorecard of the audit.

7 months ago       09 November 2017