The Transnet Freight Rail personnel and other stakeholders dispatch pamphletes during a previous campaign. Photo: Lizzy Bapela

Level crossing safety campaign


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Transnet was scheduled to host a Joint Level Crossing Safety Awareness Campaiogn on Friday, 23 November.

The freight rail’s security manager, Moses Mbulaheni, said the campaign was planned to be launched at the level crossing separating central Bela-Bela and the local township.

He said there were growing concerns with regards to accidents on The Transnet Freight Rail’s level crossing at Bela-Bela.

This particular spot has been declared a high-accident zone. 

Many accidents have taken place at the level crossing.

The latest of the accidents happened in June 2017, where the occupants allegedly fled the scene immediately after the accident occurred.  

Transnet expressed concern regarding the incidents of accidents at the level crossing and saw it fit to engage various stakeholders in the province and embark on a Joint Level Crossing Safety Awareness Campaign. 

“The aim of the focused campaign is to create awareness about the dangers at level crossings and to educate all road users on how to behave at railway crossings. The road users include motorists and pedestrians,” Mbulaheni added.

4 months ago       09 November 2017