Girly Malatjie. Photo: Google 

EFF Bombshell


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The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Waterberg region treasurer, Girly Malatjie, dropped a bombshell when she confirmed the recent land invasion on Alma Road, Bela-Bela, was not an official programme of her organisation. 

Sello Moswoeu, EFF caucus leader at the Bela-Bela Local Council, spearheaded the illegal occupation of the disputed land, triggering a tense stand-off between various interest groups.

He had said ahead of the invasion that the local EFF had a mandate from the organisation’s higher command structures to invade the specific land. 

Malatjie, however, poured a bucket of cold water on all this, adding she lived at Bela-Bela and she should have been the first port of entry, in terms of plans to invade the disputed land by the local EFF. 

“I only heard about this particular invasion from people phoning me while I was away in Venda. I am surprised,” she said. 

Malatjie said it would have been proper for the EFF local structure to have informed the region if there were plans for a land invasion. 

“I know about the housing problems at Extension 9, but as far as this particular land invasion is concerned, we as a region know nothing about it,” she added.

Last Tuesday, 24 October, Moswoeu dispatched a communique to the effect that land invasions at Bela-Bela had been suspended, but warned these could resume if no satisfactory response was forthcoming from the authrotities.

Moswoeu was not immediately available for comment as to the progress – or lack thereof – with officialdom.

The Bela-Bela municipality has since apologized for the inconvenience caused during the land invasion some two weeks ago, adding “it is a shame our own councilors are at the forefront of this project.”

Uneasy calm returned to the town by Monday, 30 October, but with Moshwoeu’s hawk-like ultimatum circling over the heads of the city fathers.

4 months ago       02 November 2017