The ID photo of the late Sello Daniel Modimola. Hendrick Makgai of Bela-Bela. Photo: Lizzy Bapela 

Deceased man’s family found


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A concerned Bela-Bela family was able to find the relatives of a deceased man at Vaalwater.

Hendrik Makgai and his family were in panic mode when their former tenant, Daniel Modimola, passed on and nobody knew of the whereabouts of his relatives.

The breakthrough came on Wednesday, 4 October, when Makgai made mobile contact with Modimola’s relatives at Vaalwater.

Modimola’s relatives ultimately arrived on Friday, 6 October, to claim their loved one.

Makgai approached The BEAT for help on Tuesday, 3 October, saying they were worried about their former tenant’s passing, and were desperate to make contact with his releatives at Vaalwater.

He told the newspaper the deceased rented a room at his family home in Bela-Bela’s Number 348, Mampatile Section, for three years.

He said the deceased continued to visit the Makgai’s as a family friend, even after he had moved to another backyard room at the old location.

Modimola reportedly spent time at Bela-Bela Hospital, before his untimely death.

“It is a relief to us as a family that we were able to make contact with Modimola’s relatives,” Makgai said.

Modimola was to be buried at Vaalwater on Saturday, 14 October.

8 months ago       12 October 2017