National Assembly Speaker Baleka Mbete.  Photo: Google

Secret ... ha, ha, ha!


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By the time you read this, the political landscape in the Waterberg and elsewhere might have changed beyond recognition.

If Bela-Bela Mayor Jeremiah Ngobeni had it his way, the status quo with regards to the future of the clearly embattled President Zuma was going nowhere. Period.

Speaking just after the groundbreaking announcement by National Assembly Speaker, Baleka Mbete, that the DA-sponsored mid-week motion of no confidence in Number One would be conducted thropugh a secret ballot, Ngobeni swore “there is no way ANC MPs will vote against the president.”

He charged that ANC lawmakers were expected to vote “correctly”, meaning they were to vote against the removal of the president.

This was indeed a brave statement from the mayor, considering widespread fears that the opposite could well be the truth.

To the contrary, EFF Modimolle Councillor Silas Marema predicted that by the time you read this, Zuma would be history.

“We are more than happy the (allegedly) corrupt Zuma will be removed tomorrow (Thursday). Even though we are not sure yet who will be the next president it is fine, as long as Zuma is gone. We will talk at length after the new president has been announced,” he said.

Modimolle Speaker and DA strongman, Johan Abrie, said the speaker’s decision for a secret ballot took him by complete surprise.

According to him, Mbete “has no reputation or history of making sound decisions.” 

Abrie was speaking from the National Assembly precinct in Cape Town on Monday 7 August, where he had gone on DA business.

He said he spoke to many politicians ahead of the announcement of the secret ballot.

“She obviously did the right thing and we commend her. We also commend (ANC MP) Makhosi Khoza for her call to fellow ANC MPs to vote for the motion,” he said.

Khoza is one of a growing number of ANC leaders who have publicly called for the removal of the incumbent president.


9 months ago       10 August 2017