Seven people were injured and one killed in a single-car accident near Kranskop on 2 July. Photo: supplied 

Overload tragedy


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Eight passengers packed into a Toyota Yaris were involved in an accident near Kranskop, killing one and the rest sustaining injuries.

 Five children were injured in the accident, as well as two adults.

According to the Waterberg Advanced Paramedic Assistance (APA) spokesperson, Andy Gill, the accident took place on Sunday, 2 July, near Kranskop, when the driver allegedly lost control of the vehicle.

“APA was called to the scene of an accident on the N1 North about 10 km past Kranskop, in the direction of Polokwane,” Gill said. “Eight people were injured when the vehicle they were travelling in went out of control and rolled.”

Eight people — three adults and five children — were injured in the accident, with one of the adults succumbing to their injuries and being declared dead at the scene. 

The injured were transported to a hospital at Modimolle before being transferred to Johannesburg for further treatment.

Information received suggest the occupants may have been members of an extended family, on a northbound journey. 

According to Gill, the cause of the accident remained unknown, but it is suspected that speed may also have contributed.

10 months ago       06 July 2017