A carpet of oranges was all that was left of the cargo. Photo: supplied

Forbidden fruit


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A truckload of oranges overturned on the outskirts of Bela-Bela township on Sunday, 25 June, spilling its mouth-watering cargo all over the place.

Onlookers – many of them children playing in the street – perceived the carpet of oranges as an opportunity to collect much-needed Vitamin C, against the backdrop of the chilly winter months, characterised by the flu virus.

 Although circumstances leading to the accident were sketchy, eyewitnesses told The BEAT the truck was roaring its way along the R516 from the direction of the local graveyard headed for the N1, when suddenly a minibus taxi turned into the road.

The truck driver acted swiftly, swerving to avoid what could have been a tragedy.

The truck driver apparently lost control, with the heavy duty sixteen-wheeler careering off and overturning on the roadside a stone’s throw from the southern fringes of the township.

On hearing the massive crash and seeing the rising cloud of dust, curious residents raced towards the scene of the accident, helping themselves to the huge supplies of the mostly damaged citrus bounty.

By Sunday afternoon everybody else was talking about how sweet the fruit tasted.

Traffic officials said the driver was treated for minor injuries on the scene by emergency services personnel, while the taxi driver was nowhere to be found.

10 months ago       29 June 2017