Traffic officials are expecting heavy traffic on many Limpopo roads this Easter. This photo was taken during the height of last Easter’s traffic. Photo: Herman Stey


Bela-Bela Traffic Department ready for Easter


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The Bela-Bela Traffic Department, in cooperation with the Provincial Department, believe that they are prepared for the Easter increase in traffic.

According to Isaac Monare, chief of the Bela-Bela Traffic Department, the roads targeted include the R101 and the R106, which always bear heavy traffic during the Easter season.

Traffic officers are expected to take shifts in order to cover the weekend 24 hours a day.

“The challenges include public transport, and there are also many hitchhikers,” added Monare.

He urged those who intend to make the trip to ensure that they get enough rest before embarking on the trip, and to inspect their vehicles.

“Our personnel will be on the lookout over the weekend between Tuesday, 13 April, to Monday, 16 April,” said Monare.

14 months ago       12 April 2017