Former Waterberg district executive mayor and now member of the Limpopo legislature, Tlotlanang Mogotlane was rumoured to be Stanley Mathabatha’s successor. Photos: Lizzy Bapela

Looming removal of premier concerns the opposition


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The DA in Limpopo expressed concerns over the looming removal of Premier Stanley Mathabatha, after he allegedly took a stance against President Jacob Zuma and backed the Cyril Ramaphosa camp within the ANC. 

The DA states that the sad reality for the people of Limpopo is that the removal of Mathabatha will only further disrupt governance in the province. They added that the only hope for getting the province working again is by democratically replacing the ANC government entirely with a new government that delivers.

“Limpopo has been the worst performing province in South Africa for the last three years running. The ANC has done nothing to arrest this trend or to improve governance,” said the DA Provincial Leader Jacques Smalle.

“According to the latest Auditor General (AG) consolidation general report on the national and provincial audit outcomes for 2015/2016, the level of non-compliance with legislation remained very high at 100% (23) of the auditees under this ANC government. 

The ANC government under Mathabatha’s watch has failed to improve internal financial controls at 78% (18) of the auditees and that was identified as one of the root causes of the lack of improvement in the audit outcomes in the province by AG. The departments of economic development and health have regressed to a qualified opinion due to their failure to maintain sound internal control discipline and to ensure that daily and monthly financial recoding is accurate, complete and valid. Furthermore , the poor revenue collection strategies, especially of revenue generated by departments and public entities as well as ineffective debt management processes, poses a threat to provincial financial management capabilities,” Smalle said.

The leader further said these are problems that extend far deeper than Mathabatha himself, and it is his entire ANC government which must take responsibility. He added that for this reason, the DA has a long-standing motion of no confidence in Mathabatha’s government, which the ANC has allegedly blocked them from debating.

“Just last week we wrote to the speaker to reinstate our motion of no confidence and we demanded that it be debated in the house to remove the entire ANC cabinet of Mathabatha. We have to date not received a response. The motion was initially tabled on 27 October 2016 but was rejected by the speaker. As our province remains in financial ruin, and delivery is tragically bad, the standing committee on public accounts (SCOPA) further confirmed that not a single senior official has been suspended for financial misconduct in terms of the Public Finance management Act (PFMA). The culture of impunity in the ANC, from Jacob Zuma downward, runs deep in the ANC Limpopo,” Smalle continued to say.

The DA deems that removing Mathabatha will only compound the slow pace of governance and Limpopo needs a new government, not just shuffling the deckchairs on a sinking ship.

Unconfirmed reports have been circulating for weeks now, that former Waterberg District executive mayor and now member of the Limpopo Legislature, Tlotlanang Mogotlane was scheduled to take over from Mathabatha once he was ousted as the premier. 

12 months ago       12 April 2017