Mayor Marlene Van Staden has pleaded with residents of LIM 368 Municipality to pay part of their outstanding accounts.

Photo: Mzamane Ringane

LIM368 Residents asked to pay municipality before July


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The residents who owe the LIM 368 Municipality for their monthly services, have been given till 30 June to pay off their debts or face hefty consequences.

LIM 368 Municipality, which is an amalgamation of Mookgophong Municipality and Modimolle Local Municipality recently took a resolution in the council where they decided to write off 40% of all debts owed to the institution.   

In a communiqué circulated to the residents within the LIM 368 Municipality, Mayor Marlene Van Staden said a resolution to write off 40% on all debt older than 60 days was taken by the council recently.

“You have between now and 30 June to pay it off,” the mayor stated.

She further indicated that registered indigents will get a 100% write-off (“zero-zero”).

“Everyone’s accounts will be debited by 120 kilolitres of water to compensate for previous air pockets. This will be credited on their accounts from end of Jan 2017,” Van Staden continued.  

She also stated in the statement that people whose accounts were up to date will also get a rebate.

Asked what will happen to the consumers who fail to take advantage of the 40% discount, and settle their debt by 30 June, the mayor said the municipality will be cutting off electricity and the indebted consumers will subsequently face legal actions.  

The municipality will be embarking on the public registration process of indigents for the 2016/17 financial year, between 10 and 24 January. 

People who earn salaries above R2 300 will not qualify to register as indigents.

The people of Modimolle have previously submitted a memorandum of demands to the newly administered municipality, demanding that all debts be cancelled.

The council’s resolution to write off only 40% of the debt has been met with mixed reaction, prompting residents to express themselves on social media.

While others feel that it is compulsory for consumers to pay their accounts, most residents continued with their plea for a complete write off of all their debts.

15 months ago       12 January 2017