Members from different ANC branches in the Bela-Bela area filled up the community hall for a meeting in support of their preferred leadership candidates. Photo: Lizzy Bapela


Local ANC allegedly split into competing factions


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Factions amongst ANC members and leaders do not seem like they could fade away any time soon as divisions within the party prove to be ruling still.

This was seen recently as different branches held their general meetings and supporters of opposing factions accused each other of trying to disrupt their meetings. 

It is believed that at Bela-Bela, there is a faction supporting ANC Regional Deputy Chairperson Jack Maeko and Secretary Tolly Mashamaite, while the other faction supports Regional Chairperson Morris Mataboge and Bela-Bela Mayor Jeremiah Ngobeni.

The Mashamaite and Maeko supporters continued to rally support behind their leaders during their branch general meeting held at the Bela-Bela Community Hall on Saturday, 8 January. The meeting was led by five councillors; Henrieta Ledwaba, Spando Maluleka, Freddy Hlungwane, Bonini Malete and Angelina Shika. ANC Regional Executive Committee additional member Bhuti Moagi graced the meeting and delivered a memorial lecture on the life of former state president Doctor Nelson Mandela, also preaching against factions and divisions within the party.

In her address, Ledwaba advised the members to continue supporting Maeko and Mashamaite regardless of their rivals trying to convince them otherwise. She said that if they offer them bribes, they should take those bribes and then express their support for Maeko and Mashamaite anyway.

Some party members took to Facebook to rubbish the allegations levelled against the faction supporting Ngobeni and Mataboge. 

It was alleged that they paid a group of youths to attempt to disrupt meetings held by the faction supporting Maeko and Mashamaite. Posts and comments on Facebook alleged that the youths were bribed with R250 and alcohol to do the dirty work, which according to them failed dismally.

Ledwaba said that their faction go with the numbers of the masses and not the amounts of money used to bribe the members. She added that they rally their support behind capable and competent leaders who work with the people and not those who use bribes to get their way as this sends out the wrong message to the masses. 

She further emphasized that their preferred leadership candidates are the correct ones and the masses will prove this come next election conference. 

No representative could be reached to comment on behalf of the Ngobeni and Mataboge faction.

17 months ago       12 January 2017