Cor Viljoen, snake handler and conservationist from Bela-Bela, was very pleased when  he was called out to a farm at Modimolle where 68 South African python hatchlings had been discovered. Photo supplied

68 snake hatchlings found on Modimolle farm


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Cor Viljoen, a well-known snake handler at Bela-Bela was delightfully surprised when he was called out to a farm at Modimolle where 68 python hatchlings were discovered.

Viljoen set out to the farm with his partner, Theunis Victor, on Monday, 26 December, where they started discarding hatched eggs from a hole where the approximately 5-meter long South-African python had laid her eggs.

Viljoen added that he had to first inspect the hole to see if the hatchlings’ mother was not in the area.

“I estimated that the baby snakes were about three weeks old and could not take them away from the nest if their mother was still around,” he said.

Once it was determined that the mother was not in the area, the Klein-Kariba snake handler started to places all of the snakes inside a Tupperware bucket they had brought along.

Viljoen estimated the snakes to be about two to three weeks old as they had not shed at the time.

“As soon as these snakes have started shedding, that is when they start to move away from the nest to go and live on their own,” Viljoen said.

He added that he is very pleased about the find and that he was able to remove this big find without endangering the snakes or those who work and live on the farm.

Viljoen said that he kept the snakes with him until they started shedding and they were released into a game reserve at Bela-Bela.

16 months ago       12 January 2017