One of the streets in Leseding Section which remains unpaved.

Photo: Lizzy Bapela

Announcement for another clinic at Bela-Bela


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Residents of Bela-Bela’s Leseding Section still await the resuming of the paving of streets in their area which were left out following the festive holidays.

Bela-Bela Mayor Jeremiah Ngobeni promised the community in December that the construction at the streets which were left out was to resume the first week of January or as soon as the firms for material supplies were reopened. 

He added that the unpaved portion of Leseding was left out due to buildings which were extended to the municipal owned areas and the municipality already notified stand owners to demolish them to allow the paving project to take place.

The mayor held back-to-back meetings with the residents ahead of the festive season, where he unfolded his plan of action and announced projects that were scheduled to take place shortly before and following the next financial year. The projects include the extension of pavements, storm water drainage and the construction of a new clinic, following the poorly built one situated in Extension 6. 

The residents welcomed the news as the visibility and efficiency of service delivery is at their hearts. Ward 7 committee applauded the announcements during one of their meetings with the mayor and wished him all the best in the projects. 

16 months ago       12 January 2017