Bela-Bela Mayor Jeremiah Ngobeni recently announced that the next section to be paved will be Extension 7 and the whole portion of Leseding section which was not previously paved. 

Mayor promise residents better roads


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Bela-Bela Mayor Jeremiah Ngobeni recently announced that the next section to be paved will be Extension 7 and the whole portion of Leseding section which was not previously paved.

The mayor said this during an interaction meeting between him and the ward residents that took place next to the Extension 6’s non-functioning clinic on Sunday, 11 December. 

Ngobeni added that the paving of roads will resume first thing in January, when material supply firms will be reopened following the festive holidays. He also said that they will also build a storm water drainage system at Extension 6’s Marikana Street, which floods when it rains, making using it a struggle. He also announced that the municipality received an unqualified audit report for the 2015/2016 financial year and was rated one of the good perfuming municipalities in the province. 

Residents’ representative Abatias Kgokane said that the meeting was meant for the mayor to share with the residents, information on services rendered in the municipality, also to inform them of projects that are still to come, especially in Ward 7. The mayor advised the residents to visit the municipality and apply for downgrading on the new electricity tariffs. He promised to call the relevant provincial leadership to come and address the community on the matter, so that everyone can understand and no finger pointing will take place. 

The residents further asked the mayor to attend to the issue of trash being dumped at a nearby open space, which affects the residents as it is in a residential area. They were worried about the locals’ health situation, especially children, and the mayor promised an urgent attention to the matter. The residents also has a social club with which they help each other in times of need and have already achieved a lot, something that the mayor applauded.

Bela-Bela received the unqualified audit opinion for three years in consecutive and this appeared pleasant to the mayor, who also reported that they also received additional grants to continue delivering better services to the communities it serves. He added that he will return to the public to tell them about the funds as soon as the amount is revealed and the funds are available for use. 

The Limpopo Provincial Government released a status report on the financial status of municipalities in the Province following a financial assessment of distressed municipalities. It was announced following an executive council meeting held on Wednesday, 7 December that Bela-Bela Local Municipality was classed in Category B (Medium Risk) Municipalities as it performed well in other indicators, but is at a risk of collapse. Thabazimbi and Lim 368 (Mookgophong/Modimolle) were among municipalities classed in Category A (High Risk) Municipalities for performing bad in all indicators, and are at a risk of financial collapse should urgent interventions not be implemented. Provincial Government Spokesperson Phuti Seloba indicated that Category C (Low Risk) Municipalities are at a low risk of financial collapse, but require close monitoring to ensure that they do not regress. The Executive Council resolved that the Provincial Treasury, CoGHSTA together with the identified municipalities at risk should develop financial recovery plans that take into account both financial and non-financial matters.

16 months ago       14 December 2016