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Another baby found in a sewerage


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An unidentified infant’s body was found abandoned in a sewerage, this time at the Bela-Bela Forever Resorts on Monday, 12 December.

Municipal workers were on duty at the resort near the sewerage station for the municipality when they found the body in the drainpipe. 

One worker said that when she saw the body as she was busy conducting her duties she showed her colleague, who at first thought that it was just a doll inside the drainpipes but they later discovered that it was human remains. The workers said that they were shocked after seeing the body and could not believe it. 

Bela-Bela police spokesperson Sergeant van Zyl reported that the police have opened an inquest docket and investigations are underway following the incident. The police were contacted to attend the scene and they responded swiftly to the call. 

The resort’s deputy general manager said that he was on leave and did not hear about the incident when contacted. However, he promised to engage his superiors and report back on the matter urgently.

18 months ago       14 December 2016