This accident left three dead and two seriously injured. Photo: Lizzy Bapela

Three die in fatal car accident


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The police at Bela-Bela are investigating a case of culpable homicide after five people were injured in an accident involving a truck and a sedan near the Swift Diesel Filling Station on the R101 on Sunday, 4 December.

Residents of the Zuma View Informal Settlement and surrounding sections flocked to the scene in the early hours of the day to see what had happened.

It is alleged that the truck driver apparently saw no oncoming vehicle when he stopped to cross the road, and proceeded driving. Eyewitnesses also alleged that the sedan was speeding and collided with the link of the truck after failing to stop at the intersection. The bystanders alleged that the truck driver tried to avoid the oncoming speeding car by crossing over to the gravel area of the road to make way for the car to pass, but it was too late as the car crashed into the truck before it could move. Eyewitnesses also alleged that the police removed cans of alcohol from the sedan, which the police confirmed.

The police confirmed that three men died on the scene of the accident, while two women were rushed to the Bela-Bela Hospital for treatment, having been seriously injured. The men were from Modimolle, while the women were from Bela-Bela, and the car was driving from Bela-Bela to Modimolle. 

Detectives’ Commander Lieutenant-Colonel Abel Phetla said that on Monday, 5 December, the survivors were still in a critical condition in the hospital’s ICU. He added that the names of the deceased and the survivors could not be released as the families of the deceased had not yet identified the bodies.  

A relative of one of the deceased was allegedly seen assaulting the truck driver, accusing him of killing his brother. Traffic officers at the scene intervened. Lieutenant-Colonel Phetla said that the police do not have records of the assault. He said that the accident was also verified on the shop’s CCTV footage.

“For now, we are only investigating a case of culpable homicide and cannot charge or arrest the truck driver as the evidence favours him. We are collecting all relevant information and evidence to give to the office of the Director of Public Prosecution for a decision. The families of the people involved in the accident have been notified and we are waiting for the families of the deceased to identify their relatives,” said the colonel.

17 months ago       08 December 2016