The dagga confiscated by Vaalwater police during a recent bust.

Dagga confiscated during bust


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Intelligence driven information was handed over to the Vaalwater police, which led them to an on-going investigation regarding an illegal dagga plantation.

The police has been hot on the suspect’s trail the last few months, and managed to pull off the bust in the region on Friday, 2 December.

One suspect has been arrested.

A street value of approximately R200 000 worth of dagga was confiscated during the bust, and has been prevented from making it into the neighbourhoods. 

The suspect is said to have been the top supplier of the drug and police are planning on conducting further interviews to track down more dealers in the area.

“Dagga is illegal, and we are proud to have finally made an arrest,” said Sergeant Mafemani Makhuvele.

The police also stated that they are expecting to make a lot more arrests from this case.

The plants are going to be destroyed as soon as they have been used as evidence in court.

17 months ago       08 December 2016