Traffic officers responded to the accident scene immediately after a call-out. Photo: Lizzy Bapela

Five survive accident as car overturns


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Five people survived an accident on the R101 near Ronville in Bela-Bela on Monday, 5 December. 

The five include three men and two women. Local Traffic officers responded to the scene as soon as they were called by a passer-by. It is alleged that the police failed to respond to the scene after they were called. Two police vehicles were seen passing the scene in the direction of Modimolle and also did not stop to assist. The passer-by said that the issue of authorities lacking equipment to respond to call-outs threatens service delivery.

The driver of the car, who could not be named, told The BEAT that he lost control of the car and just saw it overturning about three times as he was wondering what was going on. He added that the four occupants who were with him in the car when the accident happened had asked him for a ride to their destination. 

The driver further said that two of the occupants, a man and a woman, just upped and left immediately after the accident and proceeded with their journeys. He also said that he was still shocked after what happened and still did not understand what happened but thank the Lord no one was seriously injured or worse, lost their lives. The man further confirmed that he was slightly injured on his right hand, and was attended by the EMS personnel on the scene. Otherwise everything was alright.

A woman who remained on the scene showed no trauma and was even seen taking pictures, saying that she was going to trend on Facebook on the day after posting them. She did not appear to be injured.

Bela-Bela Detectives’ Commander Lieutenant-Colonel Abel Phetla said that at the time of the media enquiries, the police did not have the records of the accident and no case was being investigated as a result.

18 months ago       08 December 2016