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Taking a bow as curtain winds down


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The curtain is about to wind down over the year 2017, and before we take a bow, The BEAT Team decided to work on a special edition chronicling the year in review.

That is, we revisited every single edition from January to December, and attempted to put together highlights and lowlights of some sort, earmarked for publication next Friday, 15 December.

That is, we revisited copies of the newspaper dating back to January of 2017, and stumbled into some amazing stories captured around the Waterberg for the year in review.

The result was a pleasant surprise which we choose to share with all of you next Friday.

Lo and behold, for it is not like we are planning to bombard you with old news published throughout the year in totality.

The objective is to produce an upcoming newspaper, which offers a potpourri of highlights and lowlights from January to December, but also fresh stories helping you to identify where it will all be happening, in terms of parties and even church gatherings.

The highlights and lowlights on offer for the Christmas edition include, among many others, women in the news, and the role the sisters continue to play in uplifting those less fortunate than themselves.

Remember Mashadi Naliana of Mokopane, she who got a 90% matric pass rate, with six distinctions the cherry on top?

The amazing story of wonderkund Mashadi was published in January following the unveiling of the matric results.

On a sombre note though, we also published stories about the continued abuse of women (and children) throughout the region.

Our readership can also anticipate a review of the letters from the editor, which did not break any significant ground, but had a steadily growing audience of those who like the behind-the-scenes kind of journalism.

A review of the sporting highlights was so loaded with reports, that we separated soccer from other sporting codes, and produced two different stories travelling back memory lane.

The other sporting codes beyond soccer included volleyball, netball, athletics, road-running and so forth.

The most fascinating review –for the editor, that is –was a revisit of all the best pictures captured by the reporters over the year in review, such as the one on which a kid is handling a juvenile rock python.

Another of my personal favourites was a revisit of the headlines we carried, especially the two that went “Choking from gun-smoke” as well as “Armed and dangerous”.

You can also look forward to the piece “Up close and personal,” based on the kind of people who have been visiting The BEAT offices over the year in review.

The most memorable, for both editor and reporters, was the gentleman who claimed to have dropped a R50 note in our offices, but later went into deep thought and voila! Remembered he had tucked the banknote beneath his own sock.

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4 months ago       07 December 2017