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Words can move mountains


The Beat team   l   Views: 123

A regular column written for our sister newspaper, Die Pos/The Post, by The BEAT editor, Johnny Masilela, triggered widespread interest across the Waterberg and beyond.

The article, based on a black perspective over farm attacks, was written within the context of Masilela’s “The Other Side of Town” regular column.

By early this week the article had attracted upwards of 4 300 views within a matter of a week.

Drawing readers to the column – titled “Farm attacks: through the eyes of a black journalist” – were upwards of 101.

But then oops! Masilela was caught out when he referred to yesteryear heavyweight boxer Gerrie Cotzee as “Die Boomstraat Bek”, instead of Kallie Knotze.

For The BEAT the article was published on page three, under the headline “Through the eyes of a black journalist”, which also attracted several views from readers.

Petro Greyling Maritz: I do hope to see more articles like these in the future! In a country where extreme journalism is strengthening walls between population groups, it’s a relief to read ‘the average guy’s’ opinion. Are we all whispering about the same fears? I never realized. Sensation may pay the bills but pieces like this can actually build relationships. Maybe there’s something to learn in talking to each other instead of speaking about each other?

Johan Smal: Good article, but his boxing knowledge is slightly a mix-up (oops!).

Maggie Erasmus: Thank you for an excellent article. If only people who think likewise will stand up to be counted, changes to those stone-hearted will crumble and we will work together.

Aubrey Frohlich: If political-attracting individuals STOP this anger, talk and encouragement of violence, nobody would believe the change in attitudes in this country. EFF with farms stolen and BLF look for trouble LAND OR DEATH.... no action is taken. Yes, the opposite also happens and it seems they are taken to task. Stop VOTE BUYING..  Adriaan Roets: Well written.

5 months ago       16 November 2017