Tswana cultural group Dinaledi Tsa Setso performed during the festival. 
Photo: Mzamane Ringane.

Modimolle’s lively arts and culture festival


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The Modimolle Arts and Culture Festival held at the Peter Nchabeleng Community Hall from Friday, 2 March to Saturday, 3 March, offered a rare platform for lesser-known artists to showcase their talents.

Gospel, Hip-Hop and traditional dance troupes formed part of the entertainment, offering audiences a variety of song and dance.

Paintbrush artists and others who work with their hands also had the opportunity to exhibit their creative work of artwork outside of the venue.  

Organiser Edward Masingi of Malaika Media said the objective of the event was to create opportunities for local artists, so as to share ideas and help each other grow in the broader arts sector. 

“It is rather hard to explain the purpose of this festival because it is not just only about taking part in entertainment activities, but it is also about networking, learning new skills, creating own experience and portfolios which will help us stand out in the arts sector,” he said. 

Masingi also called on like-minded stakeholders, roleplayers and government to support local artists. 

He said artists can only grow if both the private and public sectors support them, by giving performers and other artist’s opportunities to showcase their skills during corporate and state events. 

“Arts and culture activities will always remain factors that influence the way we live. Our history is rich because of arts and culture. It has always been part of our lives and we must cherish it and pass it on to the next generation,” he said. 

Local councillor Rufus Magoro graced the event.

3 months ago       08 March 2018