Modimolle visual artist Frans Noko with some of his creations. 
Photo: Mzamane Ringane.

Noko speaks through art


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Modimolle visual artist Frans Noko has used his artistic creations to drive home his messages, while at the same attempting to provoke debate.

Against the backdrop of the IEC’s call for potential voters to verify their names on the voters’ roll this forthcoming weekend, Noko has also found a creative way to help spread this significant message.

The IEC has urged people to do so on Saturday, 10 March and Sunday, 11 March, to check and confirm if their details and addresses were accurate. 

The artist told The BEAT it was important for people to participate in endeavours such as voting, because it is one of the rarest opportunities accorded to the public to have their voices heard. 

Among his many creations, Noko has composed an image of the imposing Modimolle koppie, otherwise known as Kranskop. 

“The Modimolle koppie is one of the most respected sites in our area. We need to embrace and celebrate its history. There are so many stories to tell and the history to share with the younger generation,” he said.

2 months ago       08 March 2018