It was a joyful Sunday at the Gospel Christian Church. Photo: Mzamane Ringane.

Church reaches out to the youth


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The Modimolle-based Gospel Christian Church has vowed to change the lives of the youth for the better, by introducing programmes that would enrich their minds and souls.

Church leader, the youthful Apostle Tumi Makwela (28), said it was the responsibility of the church, as an integral part of the community, to come up with activities that would help keep the young people of Modimolle on the right path. 

On Sunday, 4 March, the church hosted an event to celebrate the birthdays of church members, Mitchel Masamba, Johanna Tau, and also the church leader himself.

Makwela turned 28 on 23 February, while Tau and Masamba celebrated their birthdays on 2 March and 4 March respectively.

Both Masamba and Tau chose not to divulge their respective ages.  

“As a church, we have realised that we are confronted by challenges such as drug and alcohol abuse amongst the youth in our communities. Our young people need entertainment. 

“They need programmes that will help them find their purpose in life. A poetry session is also in the pipeline as part of our endeavours to win this divine battle,” he said. 

One of the church leaders, Charlotte Moodley urged young people to guard against peer pressure and become wayward.

“We do not want to see young people in prison. We do not want to see young people being disobedient to their parents. We want the youth to live longer and prosper,” she said. 

Moodley said it was the church’s responsibility to steer young people in the right direction, and help them view life from a proper perspective.

2 months ago       08 March 2018