TRV lead singer John Mabusha (left) was working round the clock this past weekend, delivering CD’s to local supporters including Councillor Rufus Magoro. Photo supplied

TRV Live Band for Motopodi and Club Paradise


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Following a sterling performance at Limpopo’s Mapungubwe Arts Festival, cabaret engagements are steadily rolling in for Modimolle-based live band, TRV.

Now the Phagameng township ensemble has been enlisted to present their repertoire at the upmarket Motopodi Beer Garden at Bela-Bela township.

Lucas “Man Luke” Mogashoa, the Motopodi Beer Garden CEO, said the performance was scheduled to start from 9pm on Saturday, 16 December. 

Club Paradise owner, Selby Moima, said TRV was also billed to play at the venue on Sunday, 17 December.

TRV’s single, “Gae Limpopo” (Limpopo Our Home), has been in high demand following the ensemble’s performance at arguably the biggest multi-artform spectacle in the province. 

People from various parts of the province stumbled over each other for copies of the new single, which was sold at the festival and even back home in Modimolle. 

The CEO of TRV, Neo Mokhonoana, said there will be no time to rest during the holidays, as the band will be doing performances and promoting the newly-released single at the same time. 

Mokhonoana also thanked hundreds of supporters from Modimolle and the surrounding areas, who came all out to support the band during their performance at Mapungubwe Arts Festival.

“It was very emotional. We were performing away from home, but the presence of so many people from back home was delightful,” he said. 

He said they also had an opportunity to meet and establish contact with artists from across the country. 

“As tourists start pouring into the Waterberg during the holidays, we will be promoting our CD, which was inspired by various idiomatic expressions in celebration of the abundance of artistic talent across the home province,” Mokhonoana added.

6 months ago       13 December 2017