Members of the various denominations go through their paces. Photo: Lizzy Bapela

Church activists unite


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Youth leaders from various denominations at Bela-Bela have rallied one another to speak with one voice.

Ancient Apostles and Brethren Church of God leader, Archbishop Isaac Mahasha, unveiled the churches were planning a youth conference on Saturday, 16 December.

Mahasha said in the past there was tension between the denominations.

He said Christian brotherhood should be about different churches working together for the good of all.

Churches taking part in plans ahead of the December conference include, among others, The Ancient Apostles and Brethren Church of God, The New General Apostolic Church, Roman Apostolic Church of Christ and the Apostolic Christian Brothers. 

The denominations recently held a plenary youth summit ahead of the big day in December.

At the summit the youth representatives constituted themselves into Baswa Ba Bapostola, which when loosely translated means “apostolic youths collective”.

Archbishops Hendrick Mothokoa, David Khoza and Isaac Mahasha were among the speakers at the event.

5 months ago       19 October 2017