Bela-Bela’s Oukasie Women’s Prayer Group visited Huis Talje. Photo: Lizzy Bapela

Prayers for the disadvantaged


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The Oukasie Women’s Prayer Group in Bela-Bela visited Huis Talje on Tuesday, 3 October, to offer prayers.

During the visit, the group prayed for the children, staff and management, and also donated toiletries.

Oukasie Women’s Prayer Group leader, Theo Nzotho, told The BEAT the structure was a loose alliance of mothers from various denomionations.

She said the women from time to time closed ranks to assist identified needy families in lieu of prayers and donations.

The same was the case with the visit to Huis Talje.

The women were touched by the work the caregivers were doing for the children.

The Huis Talje children joined the Oukasie Prayer Group members in dance and song during the visit.

8 months ago       05 October 2017