Congregations at the Bela-Bela Uniting Reformed Church in SA.  Photo supplied

African cuisine delights


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African cuisine was served at the Bela-Bela Uniting Reformed Church in SA to raise funds for various causes.

Scores of members converged on the church’s Bela-Bela premises for the occasion also aimed at celebrating Heritage Month.

Congregations of the Uniting Reformed Church arrived from as far afield as the Mpumalanga villages of Pankop, Mmametlhake and Phake, and also Mmakau in the North Weest, Magareng and Rapotokwane. 

Respected church elder, the Reverand Pheto Mosima, welcomed the members who came out in their numbers.

Theology student, Lehlogonolo Ntsele, spoke at length on the importance of people remembering their roots, in terms of what they ate and how they dressed.

He said people across the African continent and the Diaspora often chose to be Westernised, instead of being proud of their own cultures and traditions.

African cuisine was sold to raise church funds, against the backdrop of song and dance, by congregants dressed in colourful tradiotional attire.

The food on sale included mopani worms aand boiled cow-heels.

5 months ago       05 October 2017