GoldRush management.  Photo: TK Mashaba

Gold Rush officially opens


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The who’s who of Bela-Bela’s club circuit arrived dressed to the nines for a gala dinner to usher in the GoldRush casino on the Waterfront on Friday, 22 September.

The event was a prelude to the opening of the casino to the general public the next day, 23 September, which was also reported to be a roaring success.

On arrival guests were received by dancing, pounding of cowhide drums and whistles by the Bakgatla Cultural Group’s dance troupe.

Guests were welcomed by GoldRush Managing Director of bingo operations, Katleho Thejane.

The programme director for ther evening, Mboya Simango, expressed her company’s gratitude at all who responded to the invitation, adding the Waterfront outlet was one of the two planned branches in Limpopo.

She said GoldRush management had been chasing the idea of the branches in the province for a period of two years, and that the leadership collective was satisfied with what had been achieved.

Limpopo Gambling Board chief executive officer, Serobi Maja, said the opening of the branch at Bela-Bela’s Waterfront had the potential to create a climate condusive to social cohesion in the town.

He said the expansion of businesses in the town, such as the arrival of GoldRush, would uplift the community in many ways.

Maja further encouraged communities to approach gambling in a responsible manner, and not get tangled up in illegal activities.

Gabriel Kutumela of the Bela-Bela Business Forum celebrated the fact that he recognised many on the GoldRush staff complement as locals.

“When I entered the building I was greeted by (these) employees, some of whom I recognized. I am very happy about this as it shows that GoldRush has really taken to heart the need for local employment. It is through initiatives such as these that Bela-Bela can grow,” he said.

Bela-Bela Mayor, Jeremiah Ngobeni took to the podium and said that the town faced challenges such as unemployment.

“Unemployed youth is still a challenge faced by Bela-Bela, but we are thankful for the investment that GoldRush has made in our town, and we are thankful what they have done for the community, especially at Jinnah Park primary where they assisted in the school’s sports development,” he said.

5 months ago       28 September 2017